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February 11, 2021 | COVID-19 Update

By February 11, 2021Covid-19

Dear Residents,

We have been made aware of the announcement “UNH Durham Transitions to Orange to Slow the Spread of COVID”. We would like to remind all residents to please stay compliant with all COVID safety precautions and measures.

See below for information on how this change in UNH operation may affect you, and the precautions we are taking for your safety:

“No students living off campus are permitted in any on-campus residence hall or apartment building.” Please stay compliant with UNH.

“Off-campus students may not isolate or quarantine on campus due to lack of space.” Please keep your living areas clean, with continued disinfecting to keep yourself and roommates safe. Please stay compliant with UNH’s Covid Testing.

“All gatherings are limited to no more than six people with all appropriate public health recommendations in place including physical distancing and face coverings.” We have increased security at all properties to help monitor and ensure the safety of our residents. If you have concerns of residents not following UNH’s Covid Guidance you may notify our office during business hours, or Contact our Security Staff for after-hours assistance.

If you are in Quarantine, please notify our office ASAP to keep our community and staff members safe. You may call our office or complete our Quarantine Notification Form to make us aware.

Upon notification of quarantine, our staff can assist with delivery of your packages outside your apartment door. Please contact our office if you require package delivery assistance.

Upon notification of quarantine, you may leave your trash bags outside of your apartment doors and our staff will safely dispose of it. Please submit a maintenance request between the hours of 8am-4pm to notify our Maintenance team to pick the trash up.

Hand sanitizer locations remain located in our North and South tower elevator lobbies.

Our fitness capacity will remain at 4 Maximum with Required time slot sign ups through our Fitness Center Scheduling form.

Please refer to our prior communications for more information regarding Madbury Properties COVID Safety Precautions. “Now more than ever, the health and safety of our UNH community depends on everyone acting with real Wildcat pride. Let’s take care of each other.”

We wish everyone good health and a safe remainder to the semester.

Madbury Properties

2/11/2020 COVID-19 Update

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