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March 15, 2021 | Covid-19

Dear Residents,

First, we want to commend you all for following the guidelines and protocols put in place this school year. We urge you to remain cautious as the weather warms and social activity increases. Please reference the attached UNH Covid Safety Guidance for suggestions on how to socialize safely, and enjoy the remainder of this semester. We have increased our on-site security staffing in efforts to keep our community and staff safe, as on campus and off campus locations become more active. Please contact our office staff and after-hours security if you have any questions or concerns. The safety of our community continues to depend on your diligence.

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Please see the below information for more detailed information regarding our Community Rules & COVID Safety measures:

Apartment Maximum Occupancy: 10 People
We are actively sanitizing our public areas (office, gym, elevators, lobbies, common area laundry rooms, etc.).
Residents are REQUIRED to wear face coverings when outside their apartments/houses and when inside any common areas in our properties.
Hand sanitizer and face masks are provided throughout our property for resident use.
Our office will be regularly cleaned and open for visits by residents for tenant services.
Preferred communication between residents and staff are through virtual streams to limit person-to-person exposure (phone calls, e-mails, web chat).
We encourage the use of our secure drop box located to the right of our Leasing Office door for residents to drop off rent checks or other important documents to our staff.

Madbury Property Management

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03/15/2021 Covid-19 Update

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