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Find Your New Roommate & Get $25 2023

By October 24, 2023Leasing

Dear Future Resident,

We look forward to welcoming you to our properties for the 2024-2025 lease term! You’re receiving this email because you have at least one open bedroom in your apartment, and we want to help you get it filled quickly. We do not leave bedrooms unoccupied, they can either be filled by:

  • Securing a roommate on your own
  • We fill the open spot(s) with a ‘single’ person who has reached out to us for housing
  • Relocating your group to combine with another partially filled apartment

We always merge same-gender groups unless you’ve specifically told us you don’t mind a co-ed living situation.

Many residents prefer to choose their own roommate to fill their apartment. See below for a list of great places to look:

Once you find a person to fill the open bed in your apartment, have them stop by our office, or apply for bedroom through our property websites.


Madbury Properties


We are offering $25 (amazon gift card) to each resident within a partially leased apartment upon filling any remaining open bedroom(s) in their unit!

This promotion begins on Monday (10/23) and will end on Friday (10/27. Rules & Regulations apply – contact our leasing office for more information.

SPOOKY SAVINGS! Welcome your new roommate with the opportunity for them to spin and win up to $200! Offer valid to new applicants/ leases signed now through Friday (10/27).

Don’t miss out on important property information.
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