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April 14, 2021 | HVAC Update

By April 19, 2021HVAC

Dear Residents,

We have been made aware of some units experiencing warm temperatures, along with questions regarding our air conditioning system. Our HVAC system runs off a two-pipe system, meaning that we either have hot water (heat) or cold water (air conditioning) running through our system. As a landlord we have a responsibility to keep our apartments accessible to heat until outside temperatures consistently average (at the least) 65 degrees. Unfortunately, with a possible snowstorm and cooler temperatures in our near future for this weekend we must continue to provide heat to the building.

Although we are unable to convert our HVAC system to air conditioning at the moment, there are some actions you can take to help keep your apartment cool during the warmer days!

How to keep your unit temperature down (before we switch to AC)

Step 1 Thermostat Temp Set to 65.
(NOTE: Setting your temp low WILL NOT bring cool air into your unit. The water running through our HVAC is HOT for heat, any air that comes out of your HVAC unit will be HOT).

Step 2 Thermostat “Fan Speed” Shut Off.
Make sure the fan speed on your thermostat is set to zero/ NO bars are shown. Any air blown out of your HVAC unit will be hot, so the goal is to have no air blowing out.

Step 3 All Apartment Windows Open.
Now that your fan is off it is time to allow cool air to enter your apartment from outside. Note, if your HVAC fan is on the cold air will be pushed back out of your unit (so make sure your thermostat is set to off).

If you have a portable box/window fan we suggest having that placed in a window frame and make sure its facing the right way to allow the cold air from outside to be pushed inside your apartment.
Keep your bedroom doors and windows open. This will allow for air flow to enter your apartment.
Open windows while cooking. Our apartments our insulated well to hold in heat, cooking temperatures can raise unit temps if not aired out properly.

Please keep in mind that these warm days are not common for April and it is expected to cool back down over the weekend, with possible snow on Friday. We thank you for your patience and understanding. We will notify everyone once we have the exact date that the switch to air conditioning is able to be made.

We hope all is well & safe!


Madbury Properties

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